Backups and Disaster Recovery

Backups are a critical part of any organisations IT infrastrucutre. Monitoring and managing backup can almost become a full-time job for administration staff not to mention the cost and issues associated with the transportation and offsite storage of copies for Disaster Recovery. ATH & Associates can deliver a fully managed backup solution for your business, whatever its size or needs. Using key enterprise technologies ATH can provide your organisation with protection for key servers, workstations, data and laptop systems. All of this is carried out over secure infrastruture. Your organisation has complete control over what you protect and how you protect it with ATH & Associates even offering support for existing backup solutions. 

ATH & Associates have partnered with Offsite Data Services to design and develop offsite backup and disaster recovery solutions that support your business. 


Using the secure facilities and systems provided by Offsite Data Services, ATH & Associates can help your business realise a simple yet powerful backup solution which will allow you more time to focus on your core strengths and leave the administration and mangement of your businesses backups to ATH & Associates and ODS. Along with an increase in availability your organisation can also stop worrying about ever increasing licensing and hardware costs required to keep existing backup solutions in place.
Should your business already have invested in a backup solution, ATH & Associates and ODS can provide you with just the secure replication infrastructure and storage while allowing you to continue to use and mange your existing solution.

Disaster Recovery

Studies in the past few years have shown that more than 85% of all business without a disaster recovery plan fail within 6 months of experiencing a large disruption to business continuity. ATH & Associates can assist in providing your business with the systems and strategy necessary to build a coherent disaster recovery plan to ensure your business can survive should the unthinkable happen.