Our Services

ATH & Associates offers  a number of key services aimed at providing SMB's with the best resources to increase productivity, reliability and security.

In today's economy it is crucial for your organisation to have access to the latest mobile technologies to prevent system downtime and secure your systems against the ever increasing number of online threats. ATH & Associates has worked hard to develop strong levels of expertise and access to key vendors that can provide your business with consistent support designed to maximise performance and efficiency. 

Communication and Collaboration

ATH & Associates can provide your business with access to the Microsoft® Online Services communication and collaboration technologies for a low monthly fee. Exchange Server for communication, SharePoint® for collaboration and productivity, Live Meeting Space for online conferencing and Live Communicator for business grade instant messaging. All of these services are available singularly or together in the Business Productivity Suite for a monthly rate starting at just $16.95. Read more...

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Backups are a critical part of any organisations IT infrastructure. Monitoring and managing backup can almost become a full-time job for administration staff not to mention the cost and issues associated with the transportation and offsite storage of copies for Disaster Recovery. ATH & Associates can deliver a fully managed backup solution for your business, whatever its size or needs. Using key enterprise technologies ATH & Associates can provide your organisation with protection for key servers, workstations, data and laptop systems. All of this is carried out over secure infrastructure. Your organisation has complete control over what you protect and how you protect it with ATH & Associates even offering support for existing backup solutions. Read more...

Internet & Network Security

The clean-up costs of a virus or malware infection has a huge impact on many businesses every year. On top of this is the loss of productivity and possibly even important data. Another factor is the growing use of social media and web services by staff which can lead to lost productivity or even the leakage of sensitive information. ATH & Associates is fully equipped to provide your business with the network and internet security solutions needed to help eliminate these threats. Read more...

Archiving & Email Compliance

Backing up or archiving email is becoming increasingly difficult as even small businesses begin to receive large amounts of emails each day. Email is also becoming an essential means of business communication and often can contain critical business information and records. ATH & Associates can offer UNLIMITED storage and UNLIMITED retention of emails for a fraction of the cost of other providers using the Astaro® Mail Archiving solution. As an established Internet Security vendor Astaro® is perfectly placed to ensure your emails are securely transported and stored while giving you access to all the features and savings inherent in cloud based technologies. Read more...

Professional Services

ATH & Associates works closely with all of its vendors to make sure our staff are trained and informed about each product as well as having access to the vendors own pre-sales and post-sales teams to ensure your organisation has access to the best advice and assistance in any decision and design process as well as ongoing support.

NDIS Plan Management Services

ATH & Associates are now providing Plan Management services for the Cowra Region.  The Initial services in Sydney have now closed and only available for Cowra and surrounding region.