Communication and Collaboration

ATH & Associates can provide your business with access to the Microsoft® Online Services communication and collaboration technologies for a low monthly fee. Exchange Server for communication, SharePoint® for collaboration and productivity, Live Meeting Space for online conferencing and Live Communicator for business grade instant messaging. All of these services are available singularly or together in the Business Productivity Suite for a monthly rate starting at just $16.95. 

Exchange Online

Microsoft® Exchange Online has long been recognised as the leader in email and communication services. Exchange Online provides employees with access to the full range of email, calendar and contact features virtually anywhere, as well as being free to access these feature via the web, Outlook and compatible mobile devices.  

SharePoint® Online

Microsoft® SharePoint® is a powerful tool for providing collaborative work spaces as well as document management and workflow processes. It consists of a huge range of tools to allow detailed customisation while also providing preconfigured templates and defaults to get your organisation up and running quickly. Your business has the ability to build it's very own intranet with detailed content, dynamic databses and reporting tools and content creation workflows.

Live Meeting Online

As our workforce becomes more mobile and our customers and business partners become more global it is important to be able to communicate and meet quickly and easily without excessive travel. Microsoft® Live Meeting provides you with the ability to schedule and host online meetings with voice and video along with a host of useful tools designed to provide all of the necessities for a productive meeting.

Live Communicator Online

Microsoft®  Live Communicator is designed to allow fast and effective communication within your organisation. It ties in with Microsoft® Office to allow colleagues and mangers to see availability and status information about each other as well as send instant messages, voice and video chat and a range of other features. This is a means of communication which allows colleagues across departments, physical locations and time zones to communicate as if they were sitting side-by-side.