Networks Without Borders

What is it all about?

Networks Without Borders is aimed at developing a strong local Network Administration community throughout Australia. Many of the current resources aimed at Network Administrators are focused on troubleshooting specific issues and problems. While these are extremely important, Net Admins need more than just quick fixes in order to keep up with the ever shifting IT environment of today. ATH & Associates would like to supplement these troubleshooting resources by promotoing and distributing high quality, freely available technical documentation and training. ATH & Associates is attempting to translate its many years of experience in assisting businesses and IT teams into a knowledge base to help IT Professionals to further their experience and education.

Most of these papers will be aimed at developing solid fundamental skills that Network Administrators can then build on. If you are already highly skilled in a particular environment then a NWB paper on that subject probably isn't for you but with the breadth of areas covered it is hoped that every IT Professional can learn something useful to them. The papers will also try to take into account problems or skills that are particularly relevent at this point in time and in the Australian environment. As well as providing papers written by ATH & Associates, NWB is aimed at trying to encourage existing Network Administrators to share their knowledge by submitting Community Papers on areas that they have a particular skill in.  

To help compliment these papers ATH & Associates is also developing a range of free training events particulaly aimed at  Network Administrators in small or generalised environments who often are expected to perform highly specialised tasks without the necessary resources or training. These training events will be provided when ever possible throughout metropolitan and regional centres.

To request a paper on a particular subject important to you or to receive information about free training events scheduled please use our Contact Us page.

PLEASE NOTE: Advice given is of a general nature and may not meet the requirements of your environment. ATH & Associates will do it's best to verify all information in these papers including Community Papers but any information given in the articles below should be verified by the reader and tested before use in a production environment. ATH & Associates takes no reponsibility for problems or damage arising from the implementation of an advice or instructions given.

NWB Papers

UTM Security- Many networks are still only protected by a basic packet filter and IDS system. To learn why modern Unified Threat Management systems are important for your networks security download this short paper.

Software Vulnerabilities Simplified - The use of software vulnerabilities and exploits by attackers and malware is of growing concern for Network Administrators. This paper attempts to explain some common types of vulnerabilities  in a way that non-programmers can understand the threat posed by these types of attacks.

How To's

HOW TO: Replace a DC in a Single DC Forest - Find out each step required to replace a Domain Controller in a single DC forest as well as links to detailed Technet articles on the tools and utilites involved.


Consolidation: less isn't always more - Article published as part of a Virtualisation segment in The Channel magazine in New Zealand, sponsored by Microsoft. 

Community Papers

We welcome Community submissions and contributions. To submit a paper for the Community section please email it to Please be aware that while ATH & Associates will check Community papers for blatant falicies we can not vet every reference and peice of information. Please verify any information given in a Community paper and test it before using it in a production environment. ATH & Associates does not take any responsibility for false or incorrect information in these papers.

Training Events

Networking & Security seminars are scheduled throughout Regional and Metropolitan NSW beginning in late Februaury 2010. To be kept up-to-date on these events use our Contact Us page. We are particularly interested in suggestions for Regional centres to host these events.