Internet & Network Security

The clean-up costs of a virus or malware infection is a huge impact on many businesses every year. On top of this is the loss of productivity and possibly even important data. Another factor is the growing use of social media and web services by staff which can lead to lost productivity or even the leakage of sensitive information. ATH & Associates is fully equipped to provide your business with the network and internet security solutions needed to help eliminate these threats.

Internet Security

ATH & Associates is experienced at providing organisations with strong internet and perimeter security. Using market leading technolgies and well established platforms ATH & Associates can provide you business with the necessary protection and control required to prevent both external and internal threats. UTMs, Firewalls, IPS, Web and Mail Gateways, Web Application Firewalls and Appliacation control are all available depending on your businesses requirements.

Network Security

Many businesses focus solely on the permiter security of their network while neglecting internal security measures. ATH & Associates is experienced in hardening internal systems and configuring and monitoring critical systems such as anti-virus and critical server systems. As well as protecting from malicious threats this monitoring can allow the detection of internal misuse fo company infrastructure and help trace data leakages. All of these systems are configured to ensure your businesses security while optimising performance and productivity to your users.